​Customer Story

​Floship, an eCommerce Logistics Startup based  in Hong Kong

eCommerce Logistics Case Study


​Floship is a Hong Kong based logistics service specialized in international crowdfunding and e-commerce fulfillment. Floship offers fast and cost-efficient global shipping services. They offer a full suite of logistics services that help ecommerce business to serve customers around the world. Floship provides their customers the peace of mind to focus on other important things – taking their business to the next level.

The Challenge

​​Floship selected Visichain to lead a full rebranding and UX design initiative for their website, marketing materials, and self-service logistics management web portal.

As a logistics provider, trust, reliability, and dependability are of utmost importance for Floship’s customers, so a predominantly blue and grey color scheme were chosen as these colors are associated with these traits.

​Material Design:

Floship Portal
Floship Dashboard
floship order screen
floship inventory management

"We were referred to Visichain by a few people including someone high up at Goldman Sachs. ​Once I got in touch with Visichain, they quickly understood our problem. We gave them one process to fix as a trial: they were able to get the process off excel in 30-days. They moved forward with no disruption to our business processes. Then we continued to engage Visichain and now have them integrating all our systems -- a challenge another major consultancy failed at and Visichain has succeeded with. They are really responsive to all of our feedback and adjusted to our demands.

​CIO, Top 10 European Retailer


​In keeping with material design, Visichain used a pallet of flat colors and Google’s Roboto font family. An eye-catching orange was used to maximize the conversion rate of critical Call to Action buttons.

floship branding


​The Floship website features a modern flat and minimalist design that concentrates focus on short and concise benefit statements and information about Floship’s products and services.

​Visichain translated the themes established in the digital designs into a 50+ page ebook that has been downloaded thousands of times and remains a key pillar of Floship’s marketing program.

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