Digital Transformation

​Turn Your Supply Chain Into a Tool for Outperforming Your Competition

Fast track your visibility of the challenges, risks and opportunities within the world of supply chain.

Business as usual won’t cut it in the digital now​. Reduce your business risk through effective operations.

​​With ​systemic risk due to interdependency across the supply chain, you are sure to have weak links that can backfire, don’t let that keep you up at night. A​ well-structured digital transformation plan will greatly reduce your organization's exposure to uncertainty.

Starting with ​deep experience in the multidimensional nature of digital change, Visichain enables enterprise grade solutions to ensure that your ​digitization journey will overcome vulnerabilities, transform leadership thinking and help you define strategy and priorities​.

​Now is the time to transform your global supply chain into a competitive weapon.

​Leverage Digital Transformation to Take Advantage of Recent Advances in E-sourcing and E-procurement

Procurement strategy is more important than ever​. E-procurement systems enable dynamic sourcing and procurement allowing you to deepen your understanding of contemporary buyer-supplier relationships​ and bring together the multiple business disciplines whose work impacts sourcing and procurement making global sourcing decisionGain visibility on the buying cycle and align buying teams to ensure a ​sustainable competitive advantage.

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Empower your team to make the right decisions at every step of your supply chain - from managing supplier relationships, production and quality management to logistics.

For procurement teams

  • ​Avoid making a the wrong vendor decision by tracking historical risks for a specific factory
  • ​Track your suppliers and production targets with automated procurement workflows
  • ​Attain a holistic picture of potential suppliers by evaluating factory scores based quality, social responsibility, and delivery history

​For auditors

  • ​Prevent fraud and maintain data quality by collecting audit information and metadata directly from our audit mobile app
  • ​Save time and focus on creating value using automated workflows
  • ​Monitor supply chain health and critical action items using audit status workflow and alerts

​For managers

  • ​Mitigate production, compliance, and logistics risk with our integrated data management solution
  • ​Manage all your supplier information, orders, and audit results in one easy to use interface
  • ​Optimize your teams’ efforts using workflow based data visualizations such as Kanban, audit status pipelines, calendars, and much more

For executives

  • ​Gain visibility into supply chain risk
  • ​Export reporting dashboards for communication
    Manage teams and workload
  • ​Integrate multiple data points and excel spreadsheets into a single enterprise grade solution

​For IT teams

  • ​Protect your trade secrets with controlled access to information, including IP whitelisting and certificate based login
  • ​Flexible implementation to meet any security policy with SAAS, Hybrid, or hosted solutions available
  • ​Maintain application availability with automated integration issue alerts

​For developers

  • ​Debug your code with robust logging of all api activity
  • ​Build integrations and automations for any part of the system system-wide coverage with enterprise grade API’s
  • ​Conserve system resources with API limit monitoring and reporting

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​​eCommerce Logistics Startup Based in Hong Kong

​The company selected Visichain to lead a full rebranding and UX design initiative for their website, marketing materials, and self-service logistics management web portal.

As a logistics provider, trust, reliability, and dependability are of utmost importance for the company's customers.

Supply Chain optimization

​"Digital Transformation isn’t just a high-level concept to debate in a boardroom, it can directly impact your company, your product success and your job security. Researchers at the MIT Sloan School of Management have found that companies who fail to address digital transformation experience 30% lower revenue and 25% lower earnings. And other research shows that digital disruption may wipe out 40% of Fortune 500 firms in the next 10 years. Embracing a digital transformation strategy can help you avoid going the way of the dinosaur."

​Propel PLM

Get Started with Your ​ Procurement Transformation

Eliminate your inefficient, error-prone manual processes by digitizing and automating your procurement workflows and supplier interactions.

Provide procurement teams and supply chain managers with the tools they need to succeed.

​​Digitize the procurement process to enable automation so teams can focus on value delivery.

​​Empower procurement managers to make the right decisions at every step of your supply chain.

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