Digital Procurement

Experience a ​Transparent View of Your Entire Supply Chain in Real Time

​Supply chain and factory visibility at scale are essential to managing a successful supply chain. Starting with outsourced production of products through free on board receiving, Visichain enables enterprise grade solutions. With Visichain you can ​​​​streamline all interactions between procurement partners, your internal team and your internal business processes. 

Create a Robust Supply Chain​ ​and Ensure Your Organization's Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Bring together the multiple business disciplines whose work impacts sourcing, procurement, forecasting and profit. Quickly pinpoint where data is getting corrupted, when it was updated, and always know why changes to data occurred. ​Manage your organization’s entire procurement life cycle from a single dashboard. ​Transform your purchasing department from a cost center to a value-added operation.


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Empower your team to make the right decisions at every step of your supply chain - from managing supplier relationships, production and quality management to logistics.

For procurement teams

  • ​Avoid making a the wrong vendor decision by tracking historical risks for a specific factory
  • ​Track your suppliers and production targets with automated procurement workflows
  • ​Attain a holistic picture of potential suppliers by evaluating factory scores based quality, social responsibility, and delivery history

For executives

  • ​Gain visibility into supply chain risk
  • ​Export reporting dashboards for communication
    Manage teams and workload
  • ​Integrate multiple data points and excel spreadsheets into a single enterprise grade solution

​For managers

  • ​Mitigate production, compliance, and logistics risk with our integrated data management solution
  • ​Manage all your supplier information, orders, and audit results in one easy to use interface
  • ​Optimize your teams’ efforts using workflow based data visualizations such as Kanban, audit status pipelines, calendars, and much more

​Custom​er Success

​Hong Kong Based Purchasing Office of Major Global Retailer

The company faced an insurmountable problem with their supply chain processes because email and excel were being used to manage thousands of suppliers​...

​Confidence in data was a nightmare​...

"We now have​ thousands of factories and supplier relationships transacting billions a year in trade operating on the system Visichain built for us."

​​eCommerce Logistics Startup Based in Hong Kong

​The company selected Visichain to lead a full rebranding and UX design initiative for their website, marketing materials, and self-service logistics management web portal.

As a logistics provider, trust, reliability, and dependability are of utmost importance for the company's customers.

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