Logistics and Supply Chain Management Courses

Logistics and Supply Chain Management Courses

When you are looking to up your game in logistics and supply chain management, there are ​a seemingly overwhelming number of both logistics and supply chain management courses to choose from. 

​From online options, to workshops, certifications and full university degrees - like the cliche needle in a haystack - the best course for you will really depend on your goals.

​Do you have what it takes to thrive in the digital age of procurement, logistics and supply chain certification?

Before jumping in you have to ask yourself whether you will be attending the course...

  • ​Online
  • At a workshop
  • At a university
  • ​From a professional credentialing center

​And, what are your reasons for taking the course, to:

  • explore an interest
  • earn more
  • gain confidence
  • get a degree and begin a career
  • get a raise
  • advance your professional career

With all the various ways you can gain an edge, once you've answered the above questions for yourself, it can still be confusing to choose the best course for you.

​But we’ve narrowed down using the following criteria so you can have more confidence when deciding among all the logistics and supply chain management courses on offer.

​You can get up to speed or maintain your edge with any of the following courses.

​Procurement Central Training and Development

Procurement Central Training Courses

​Procurement Central Training and Development has a number of training course, you can find their full catalog here.

Below are a few examples of what they have on offer: ​

  1. Category Management in Procurement and Supply

    Key areas covered

    ​• Understand the principles of category management to increase efficiency
    ​• Stakeholder Needs Analysis
    ​• How category management works
    • The benefits of effective category management
    • Stakeholder engagement Business needs
    • Category Project management
       >> See full course details here.

  2. Strategic Management in Procurement and Supply

    ​This course is a a 7-module program that takes place over two days.  When you are finished with the modules you will:

    • Gain skills and tools for mastering category management
    • Understand and apply best practice techniques
    • Become more strategic in procurement thinking
    • Learn an optimal methodology to consistently buy goods and services
    • Manage cost, risk and quality throughout the supply chain
    • Select and manage third party’s that deliver benefits
       >> See full course details here.

​CIIP Certified Procurement Professional

​This certification is offered by Leoron Professional Development Institute.

"Accredited by the International Purchasing & Supply Chain Management Institute (Delaware, USA), this certification program is geared to introduce the participants to the concepts of international procurement as they apply to international supply chain management.

The CIPP program is a core certification program of  IPSCMI which offers the designation of Certified International Procurement Professional (Level I) to candidates who demonstrate their understanding of the fundamentals of the profession through successful completion of rigorous professional certification examinations based upon the International Purchasing Body Of Knowledge (IPBOK).

The purpose of the CIPP program is to introduce the candidate to key offshore sourcing strategies and implementation steps; basic documentation, including contracts, used in international procurement; legal, political, and organizational considerations; cultural issues within the negotiation process; and government regulations affecting the import/export process."

Key areas covered

• Learn and implement Best in Class Procurement techniques

• Learn and implement the Modern Trends in Supply Chain Management

• Improve the process of selecting, developing and managing the Supplier

• Master the Contract Management process in Procurement

• The ability to use the designation CIPP™ on your business card and resume

​MITx Supply Chain Management MicroMasters Credential Courses

MicroMasters Program in Supply Chain Management MIT’s #1 Ranked program, delivered to you in new ways.

​The Micro Masters program from MIT focuses on Supply Chain Management and allows you to earn a credential once you have successfully completed the five courses and comprehensive final exam. 

The credential is offered in partnership with EdX, a pioneer in digital coursework; so, for this credential, it can all be completed online.

MITx MicroMasters in Supply Chain Management Program Overview

Supply Chain Management Master's Programs MIT

​For those with more time and who want to go deep into all the latest thinking and innovations happening in supply chain then the residential MIT Supply Chain Management Master's Programs may be what you are looking for. 

The Benefits of a Master’s Degree in Supply Chain Management

In 10 months it provides you with an advanced, professional foundation in Supply Chain Management.

  • Takes only 10 months to complete, versus a typical 2 years for an MBA
  • Focused on the actual supply chain field, whereas an MBA covers a broad range of career paths
  • Has an engineering focus versus primarily business skills
  • Get heavily recruited by the world’s top companies
  • Increase your salary by an average of 70%
  • Half the cost of a traditional MBA

The SCMr program requires 90 units of coursework over 10 months of full-time residence with matriculation in August and graduation in June.

Students with 3 to 7 years of work experience are in the best position to gain from the SCMr program and also contribute the most to class discussions. Candidates should also have strong quantitative skills, including some college-level calculus, linear algebra, and probability/statistics."


Bonus: ​​Digital Transformation Certification Courses Application Procurement, Supply Chain, Logistics

The one thing that the logistics and procurement industries won't be able to avoid, for the organizations that maintain their lead, is adapting to the digital imperative

So, a strategy to get an edge and make yourself invaluable to the in the procurement field is to become a procurement digital transformation expert.

​Following are some places to start on that journey.

Digital Transformation: From AI and IoT to Cloud, Blockchain and Cybersecurity

This course will immerse you in the big five technologies that are shifting the economic landscape, it's a six week online course and should require around 4-5 hours per week of work.

The video below details more of what you'll get in this professional education program:

​A certification is awarded upon completion of the course issued from MIT Professional Education.

If you are looking for a more in-depth digitization program the next course in digital transformation may be a better fit.

​Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Business

​Similar to the above course from MIT, this course covers the big five areas of digital - AI, IoT, Blockchain, Cybersecurity - but much more in-depth; instead of fives weeks you'll have to commit nine months and about 4-6 hours per week to earn your diploma in this postgraduate program.

​At the completion of the program you'll be awarded a verified digital certificate by EMERITUS Institute of Management, in collaboration with Columbia Business School Executive Education & MIT Sloan.

Like the MIT Professional Course​, this program takes place online so you can participate in this training from anywhere.

​Wrapping Up

​There is no shortage of training, certifications, workshops and classes to start a career or to further your professional development in logistics and supply chain management. 

Like the field itself, the options are ever changing, global and often competitive.

With world spanning supply chains and and the ever increasing complexity of procurement and sourcing, there will be no shortage of job opportunities for the best trained and experienced logistics and supply chain professionals.

​Don't Get Left Behind

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